Popular Doc Luna to confront the Pentecostals

Doc Luna from LUNA13 calls out the Pentecostal Church! “Stop Bullying the Aboriginals”

When it comes to the music business, there are musicians that are very vocal about different situations regarding the world and when it comes to the Metal genre, Doc Luna, leader and founding member of LUNA13, is quite open about his views on multiple topics and that includes the recent news of a Pentecostal Church lead by Ana Makahununiu burning Aboriginal relics, with the musician stating that “If you burn their art, I will burn Pentecostal articles publicly and we will add a picture of Precious Ana too”, Doc adds, “These bullies are going after those without a voice, come at us you cowards, we are performing ritual live at every show, are not we and people like us your current issue? Come at us you bullying cowards!”

While this is a statement that might be surprising to some, LUNA13 that has been characterized by being very political incorrect and pushing the boundaries of their artistic performances, even going as far as being banned from an hotel in Las Vegas due to a live performance that was deemed “too extreme” because of the use of an actual human skull by vocalist Lilith Bathory to perform a ritual to the Dark Goddess.
But this situation transcends sociopolitical views and it’s more of a personal perception due to the fact that Doc Luna spent a lot of years living in India and developed a devotion to Kali when he was just 17 years old. Tribal life has become an instrumental part of his life and it’s also one of the elements that have come to define him as an individual and as an artist, going as far as dedicating one of Luna 13’s albums, Rakshasi, to the Kalu Tribe he lived with in Khajuraho during his time in India, employing hymns that he learned from his time with the tribe.

Doc Luna has also been a very vocal person against the concept of organized religion and the various malicious activities that they have committed. “We see the Bible as a very negative influence in society and has contributed to thousands of years of genocide, murder and nowadays priests are focusing on molesting children,” Doc stated. “LUNA13 rebels against the lack of respect the Bible has towards diversity and its downright bullying tactics. We rebel against these things!

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