BoD -Music Connects No 1-

Hello BoD-Friends, Drummers and Music-Lover around the World.

This Series is a special hommage to the one thing that unites us all..”Music”.

During the last year we had the chance to play all different kinds of gigs and met some of the greatest people we┬┤ve ever met.
What we also discovered was that, especially in the German Drum Corps Scene, there is so much envy and disrespect between many musicians.

We do understand that this thing is based on competition at first sight but what some people often forget is, that it more than anything about friendship (sometimes more than that), laughing together, fighting together, cry together and making music together.

With this series we would like everybody (Musician or not) to think about this. Because Music is something that everybody can refer to and we are sure, that everyone in the world could connect some of his best and worst memories with music.


We asked some drummers from all over Germany and Europe to do this Video Series with us, to show that “Music connects”.

Please enjoy “Music Connects Part 1”


-Martin Kulinski
-Robin Elflein
-Cedric Carstens
-Thorben Thielhorn
-Christian Dorn

Special thanks goes to our supporters:

-Southern Percussion
-OffWorld Percussion
-Kreis GmbH
-Da Piero Flammeria
-Michis Haarstudio

Song by: dEVOLVE & Red Rat “Higher”
We do not claim any rights on the music we performed to.

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