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Beat Dragons

Beat Dragons – We love to create great electronic dance music and we hope you will like it, its made for dancing in big room clubs and to party at EDM Festivals. However, at the same time with our tracks we like to support the worldwide movement for more sustainability and more environmental protection on our planet, because we are personally very convinced that we can all contribute something to it, if we would change our consumer behavior even a little bit, e.g. no more plastic bags or plastic bottles use. We are also convinced that we must start immediately with this change so that it remains earth worth living on for future generations.

Release Information: Beat Dragons – Future
The Frankfurt-based producer duo ADM Soundworks is launching Beat Dragons, a new cool electronic dance music project. The first release “FUTURE” has a lot of hit potential. The track is equipped with modern, hard synthesizer sounds and the strong female voice goes directly under the skin. It fits perfectly on the next party playlist in the club and is built in the right way to party at electronic dance music festivals. The lyrics are about the current time spirit for more sustainability on earth, the video supports the message of this worldwide movement, which Beat Dragons wants to underpin and support here. “I have seen the future, it’s not written yet, it’s in our hands!”

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